Sunday, November 30, 2008

12 Birthday Wishes

Here is a video of my Mom and Amanda singing the full 12 last days of 29 song to me today. Everyday they would show up and sing it to me counting down from whatever day it was. It was seriously so fun to see what my mom came up with next - she seriously is a genius!

12 Birthday Wishes - she had my family and close friends all email me today with a birthday wish. They have been so cute! Many of them have made me cry. I seriously have such great friends and families! If anything I know that I am so amazingly blessed to have them in my life.

30 is going to be great!

11 Hugs & Kisses

On the 11th day my family all were together for my super cute nieces 1st birthday party. We also took advantage of the rare moment we were all together in the same place and got a family picture. I thought that I should add it since I got lots of my hugs and kisses from them. Especially from my cute niece and nephews and Jeff of course!

10 Tinted Toe Nails

NAIL POLISH!!! I love getting a new nail polish color! And I always treat myself to a pedicure Align Centeron my birthday! Then I will officially have 10 tinted toe nails! :)

9 Silly Love Notes

On Thanksgiving morning I caught my mom and my sister Amanda decorating my door with my silly love notes that resemble turkeys. They were hilarious! My dad made his note particularly silly - I loved it! But they were all so cute and it totally made my day!

8 Drumsticks Drumming

SO DELICIOUS! Ice cream is always welcomed!

7 Sango Sushi

I love sushi! And I love the Huntington Beach roll at our local little sushi place called Sango Sushi! My mom has covered all my favorites! LOVE HER!

6 Singing Sisters

Check Spelling I went camping with my cute young woman and my mom arranged to have them sing to me around the camp fire. They were so cute and they have been such a support to me while I make this transition to the thirties!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

5 Big Balloons

Now when you enter our place it looks we had a party! Which is always fun because I love a good party!

4 Frilly Flowers

Love my flowers!
8 days left! This count down thing is slowly getting me excited!

3 Non Diet Cokes

Don't worry - I still love my Diet Cokes, but it was advised to me to try to not drink as much. So I have found a Sobe alternative that helps me through the day when I'm missing my large fountain drink! Only 9 days left - YIKES!

Friday, November 21, 2008

2 Movie Tickets! Midnight Twilight Tickets!

Ok how rad and sexy is Paco! Seriously - I don't know where my mom finds these Paco cards for my birthday, but they seriously crack me up! The card of Paco in his spandex is a gift enough for me! I will be praying for Paco!

Our cute friend brought vampire teeth for all of us to have! You seriously can't beat the hype of a midnight showing!

Me and my super cute mom!

Allison and Jana

Waiting in line!

Last night we went to the midnight showing of Twilight! It was so much fun! I seriously don't think you can beat a midnight opening with all the super fans! We played cards, took turns shopping, looked at twilight mags, and just basically hung out. They let us into the movie theater a little over 2 hours before the movie started which was awesome! Everyone was talking and hanging out and doing the wave and cheering for Edward. It was totally out of control! There were multiple count downs and lots of the slow clap that gets fast. But for sure the best was the high pitch shrill of all the girls screaming when the movie started and when they saw Edward. It was unbelievable! But it was also unbelievably fun!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Count Down Begins- 1 Large Cup of Yo Yo Yummy

And so the count down begins.....normally count downs are supposed to be fun, but not this one! I knew my 20+10 birthday was coming up soon, but I didn't realize it until my mom came over tonight singing "On the first last night of being 29" and so the count down begins with the 12 days until my birthday! It really is so super cute, but I really almost shed a tear as soon as she started singing. Too many emotions! But she did bring a gift certificate to Yo Yo Yummy as my cousin Amanda likes to call it. That place is the best and I have a feeling I'm going to need a lot of that amazing yogurt to get me through all of this!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

BYU-Mountain West Champs!

On Saturday Allison and I made a day trip to Vegas to watch BYU vs. University of Utah for the Mountain West Conference Championship. As you can see from the above pictures - BYU WON! Now they go on to the NCAA tournament at BYU so hopefully the home field advantage will be in there favor!

Monday, November 3, 2008


For those of you who know me know that I do not get involved with anything political. This is the first time that I have truly felt passionate about voting and getting out there and educating people what Prop 8 really is about. It is about protecting marriage, protecting freedom of religion, and protecting children's innocence. It has nothing to do with discrimination or intolerance.
For those of you who do not live in CA you might be surprised to know how heated of a topic this is. Cars have been keyed, signs ripped down, and even one of our friends was practically assaulted when she saw someone taking down Yes on 8 signs and asked for them back. We have knocked on doors, made phone calls, and stood out on PCH to try to get people to vote yes. Please get out and vote Yes on 8 or go to if you still need more information.