Friday, September 19, 2008

Reliving the Glory Days!

Brunch at Sundance! AMAZING!!! The best food ever! I love having the vacation clause!
Umm.. Yeah that's right - that's Robert Redford!
YOU KNOW WHY! We watched "What Happens in Vegas" and we were dying over the end scene it the credits! This is Allison waiting up for Amanda to come home from "hanging out" with a boy. Let's just say - Allison and I are getting older and we were not able to stay awake - so sad!
We didn't even plan it, but Swiss Days was going on! My mom and I went and looked at all the fun stuff! Luckily we flew to Utah so we were limited on what we could buy. We also made sure that we stopped in Heber to get milkshakes at Granny's!
What is reliving the glory days without going to a BYU football game! SO FUN! Here we are having the time of our lives! We had awesome seats and yes that is a picture of Allison and I with Cosmo! We were both so embarassed as we waited in line with a bunch of 4 year olds, but go big or go home! You can tell by my red skin that it was SOOO HOT! We were dying! Also I feel like I should add that the shirt I'm wearing is intended to be blousy - I feel I should bring that up since I look like a heffer!

The entourage cheering on Amanda at her soccer game! We were able to see two games and they won both of them! So fun! Pretty much my sisters a rock star! I love watching her play!

S0 needless to say the trip was amazing! A big thanks to Amanda for letting us live through her once again! Allison and I totally crashed at her place at Belmont for the weekend! It was so much fun listening to her and roommates talk and to get to meet the boys that came around. I learned that I am much older than I would sometimes like to give into, but go to BYU for a weekend and you walk away with a whole new vocabulary. It's amazing! I also forgot to mention that we went the Boys to Men concert in Orem while we were there! Seriously - Utah is so much fun to visit! Good times had with Mom, Allison, Amanda, and Whitney!