Monday, August 9, 2010

It's a Privilege

I have always said that wearing a bikini is a privilege - it's not a right! You don't have the right to wear a bikini just because you can - you need to earn that right by having a bikini body! Having said that when you have a baby bikini body like Sydney then you must work the scandalise Roxy bikini! :) My friend Allison bought this for her when we found out we were having a girl. I died how small it was when I opened it, but I for sure died laughing when trying to get it on Sydney! First - it's a size 2T - WHAT!?!?! Second - we could barely get her thighs through the bottoms. Third - there is NO WAY we were getting them over a diaper! They are so tiny but she was for sure so stinking cute! I love the butt crack shots! She really has the yummiest little body!

Cool Fairy Princess

Sydney went to her very 1st Fairy Princess party for her good friend Ruby Lombardi. It was so much fun and a good excuse to get her dressed up. I didn't take any pictures at the actual party but she loved rocking her wings all day. I love that she will wear her sunglasses! I think she is the coolest!