Friday, February 29, 2008

Winter Youth Conference

Put on the whole armour of God!
Fiercely making us pancakes!
My cute girls!

Keep cooking the breakfast! So GOOD!

It's seriously is the best to be able to work with the youth. And it's even better because Jeff and I both get to work with them so it's even more fun when we have weekend long activities! Plus - I feel like I'm a youth without having to worry about the awkwardness and worry of being a youth - IT'S THE BEST! But this last weekend we had our ward youth conference and it was so much fun! We were supposed to go camping but it was raining. So instead we did beach bonfire, slumber party (which involved lots of toilet paper, water balloons, guitar hero, and M&M's), good devotionals, car dancing, and the tide pools. Our theme was putting on the whole armour of God. I swear I get way more out of it then all the youth, but my testimony is always strengthened and I always come away with the most amazing perspective on life. Oh and it helps that we have the worlds most fun and awesome youth!

Beach Day

Ok - I know they are not my kids but I love this picture of my nephews! We spent Presidents Day at the beach and although all of us adults were cold the boys stayed perfectly warm in there new wetsuits and it was so much fun! Plus I love that they give me an excuse to break away from work and go to the beach!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I thought I would use Valentines Day as a good reason to create a new post! Sorry for the month long of no updates! Let's just say that so far 08 has a been a little rough, but the tides are turning and I'm sure they are only going to get better. Like many I have caught whatever this terrible cold/flu thing is that is going around and it has put me out of commission! But I did not want to use that as an excuse to not post that I love all of my friends! I hope you all have a fun filled LOVE DAY! Hopefully we will have some fun things to post soon! Maybe I will need to create some photo ops!