Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mia Micheals = Bad Judge

Ok - so I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance! But I did not love it tonight mainly because I think Mia Micheals is the worst judge EVER! She seriously bugged me so bad! They just need to use her as a choreographer! I just thought you should all know this!
By the way - I love Twitch and Karrington and Joshua and the Blonde dancer from Utah!

Friday, June 6, 2008



Jeff's Girlfriend Hannah. She would sit on his lap and feed him chips. She even had a nickname for him: Buco. So now my mom thinks we should be calling him Bucco di Jeffo!

I know that is a ticking time bomb before the majority of my friends move away, but does it really have to start happening!?!? We had a big beach/surf day for the Dixon's last weekend down in San O. The weather was perfect, the water was warm (for So Cal), hot dogs, chips, cold drinks, and Pedro's on our way home - it was a perfect day! As we were driving home I realized how good life really is! I love being at the beach ALL DAY and hanging with fun friends! Dixon's just remember you always have a place to stay in the manor when Utah gets too cold!

3rd Annual River Trip

OK - Someone is going to have to teach me how to do a slide show! I have way too many fun pictures of all of us at the river over Memorial Day! I have attached a couple, but there are far too many good ones! I mean how am I supposed to post all of our America's Next Top Model Poses!?!?! What a fun weekend! Wakeboarding, tubing, WII Smarty Pants, Floating down the river, Fishing, and basking in the sun with a book! There was of course Dan's swim challenge which of course is a highlight by itself! LOMBARDI'S - DON'T SELL YOUR HOUSE!!! I love it too much!