Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bath Time Fun!

One of my favorite nighttime routines is bath time with Sydney! She absolutely loves the water and is so stinking cute in the bath! I am a little sad that she is quickly outgrowing her whale bathtub! She is so fun and plays so good in the bath that I swear it makes her tired and gets her ready for a good nights sleep!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


For new years I partied it up just me and Sydney! Jeff was super sick and I was doing everything I could to keep Sydney away from her sick daddy! Syd and I went and got some Pei Wei together and then we came home and did bath time and hung out. My back is starting to hurt from playing with this cute big baby! But Sydney went to bed about 10 pm and so did I!
I hope that 2010 brings everyone good health and happiness!


Sydney went and saw the real Santa at Fashion Island! My family has been going since we were kids so it's only right that Sydney see him too! She slept on his lap and was such a good girl!

Sydney gave us the gift of sleep for Christmas! She slept 9 hours and so did we! It was amazing! Once she woke up we all got in bed together and opened presents! Her grandma Jensen made her the cute doll she is holding. It really was the best morning ever. I will never forget our first Christmas with Sydney!

On Christmas Eve Santa came to the house! We dressed little Sydney as Santa's Reindeer! She was so stinking cute! We went for a walk around the neighborhood and she stayed nice and warm. I really can't get enough of this little face!
Sydney and her cousin Stella got matching jammies and were so cute!
Christmas time really is the most wonderful time of the year. I love everything about it. It was so fun having Sydney this year and the new excitement it brought to our lives. Every morning we got up and read a Christmas story and scripture together. Although I know she will never remember those moments it brought joy to my heart in ways I didn't know possible!

The Grinch!

We got away for the night with some friends before the holidays to see The Grinch at the Pantages in Hollywood. It was so much and the play was really good! And it's always so fun to go out with our fun friends. Afterwards Ruben introduced us to King Taco in LA. You know you are not in a good area of LA when the security guards at the taco stand actually carry guns! :) It was so fun!