Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This year was crazy! Jeff and I have been so busy with work that we really didn't have a ton of time to commit to our costumes. But Jeff did come up with a great idea to make a transformer costume. Although some of his calculations were off he still looked fantastic! I didn't have time to even attempt to create a costume so on way home from work I picked up a box and I transformed into the star cube. Which if you didn't see the movie - the star cube is what they are trying to protect. I do love Jeff for getting into the homemade costumes! He is hilarious!

BYU Soccer - YOU ROCK # 9!

My sister, Amanda, is basically a rock star! BYU soccer won the Mountain West Conference Tournament this year and went to the NCAA play offs. As her sister I would like to think it is all due to her amazing defense! :) She seriously rocked this year and we (as the original entourage) had so much fun going to games and following her in the paper. These pictures are just from of a couple of games we were able to make it to. But just to reiterate - YOU ROCK # 9! GO DRAEG MACHINE!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2nd Annual Girl-cation

My mom and my sisters have created a tradition that we call our "Girl-cation!" It's so fun to get away with just the girls! We have normally done it around Amanda's soccer schedule so we can see some games and hang out so we were in Provo this year. We went to three of Amanda's games and even caught a BYU football game! Nothing quite like re-living the glory days. The tops of the mountains got snow and I was a bit bitter about the cold and the rain! But we always have fun and I love just laughing with mom and the sisters!


Jeff competed in his first sprint triathalon in Arrowhead. As Elders Quorum President he thought it would be an excellent bonding experience. About 7 guys competed and completed! I'm not going to lie - all of us wives were a bit concerned! It was so inspiring to watch and I'm so impressed by anyone who would pay to do this. It was even more fun to watch because Jeff and our good friend Dan were sprinting it in neck and neck! According to the race postings Jeff beat Dan by .01 of a second! :) A victory is a victory! :) Good Job Babe!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Wedding and Honeymoon in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

1 Year Anniversary in Puerto Rico

Ok - So I realize that I am a little bit late to this blog thing and I have no idea where to start so I decided to recap our 2 years together(Our anniversary is in June so I guess I should say our 2.5 years together)! Well, at least our fun anniversary vacations! I love traveling with Jeff and I have sort of made it known that each year we need a trip! We are thinking possibly Belize Mexico for our 3rd anniversary! I guess we will see! But for our 2nd Year we went to Rome, Florence, and Venice. As you can see it rained the entire time! We still had a great time and I absolutely fell in love with Rome and Sienna. It was fun doing Europe, but we both agreed that we are more the beach and adventure type of vacationers! If you guys have any other must have destinations that you love please let us know!